Stainless Steel water tank
Description: Stainless Steel Water Tank
HS Code: 7309000000
Standard: GBT3280-2007 , ISO9445-2002
material of panel: SS304, SS316, Stainless steel plate
Carbon steel covered electrodes (GBT5117-1995)
Production engineering: SMC
Panel size: 1000x1000mm
Thickness of panel: 3mm -- 5mm
Capacity: 0.125m³ -- 2000m³
installation: Welding, Bolting
Accessories: bracing system, vent, jointing sealant, manhole, ladder, inlet and outlet, overflow, U steel base, etc.
SS water tank

We can supply two kinds of stainless steel water tank, one is welding stainless steel, another is SMC stainless steel. Both of the two kinds of stainless steel panel are made of SS304 and SS316 plate, excellent welding technology, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistant, long service life, but expensive than other kinds of water tank.

The above-mentioned images is welding stainless steel water tank, no bolts outside the tank, it is welded between the panels, advange is light weight, beautiful appearance, cheaper, but the welding will destory the corrosion resistence of stainless steel, the sevice life of welding stainless steel water tank will be shorter than SMC stainless steel water tank, but the SMC stainless steel water tank is more expensive than welding stainless steel water tank. The following image is SMC stainless steel water tank. The SMC stainless steel water tank panels are bolted connection.

SS water tank
The size of stainless steel water tank panel as follows:
1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, 500x500mm
the thinckness or the panel as follows:
1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm etc.
The water tank can be welded and bolted with the size 0.125m³~2,000m³, depend on your requirement.

The internal reinforcement system make the stainless steel water tank more strong, all accessories are stainless steel material, the lacing bar and roof support will be suitable for the water tank and installed easily.
SS water tank
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