FRP vessel (FRP tank)
Description: FRP Vessel (FRP Tank, GRP Tank)
HS Code: 3926909090
Standard: JCT587-2012
ASTM D 3299, BS EN13923-2005
Material: unsaturated polyester resin EN13121-1:2003
E-Glass roving  ISO 2078:1993
Chopped Strand Mat  ISO 2559:2011
Production: FRP filament winding,  hand layup
Customized: Accept customized order
FRP vessel
FRP vessel
FRP vessel is fiberglass reinforced polyester vessel, It is made of fiberglass-reinforced material soaked with resin matrix that is winded on the core mould layer by layer according to the certain process, and finally its is done by condensing process. The wall of FRP vessel is a kind of layer structure, its physical and chemical characteristics can be adjusted by changing the resin system or adopting different reinforcing material in order to suit different FRP vessel with various pressure level or with certain special characteristics made from different medium and working conditions.
FRP vessel
Good physical mechanics performance The density of the FRP vessel is usually about 1.8-2.1g /cm3 ,which is a quarter of steel. And it is also higher than that of the cast iron and the plastic material. On one hand, the weight of the FRP vessel is usually not above that of the vessel with the same specification by one third, and It has good physical mechanics performance. On the other hand, the thermal expansion coefficient of the FRP vessel is generally corresponding to that of the steel, while its heat conduction coefficient is only 0.5% that of the steel. Thus it is a good thermal and electrical insulating material.

Being resistant to chemical erosion and longer service life FRP is characterized with special ability to resist chemical erosion, so maybe it is the better choice for you by the different medium under the environment of full of vessel nets. It can be used for a longer service life.
FRP vessels are widely used in chemical, petroleum, paper, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, packaging and transportation field. Applicable to all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent corrosion environment.
Packing: the FRP vessel (FRP Tank) is a biger vessel in general, We provide naked packing, or put is in the containers directly.
FRP vessel
FRP vessel
FRP vessel
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