FRP pultruded profiles (rod, tube, channel section, etc.)
Description: FRP Pultrded Profiles (rod, tube, channel section, etc.)
HS Code: 3916909000
Standard: JCT491-2001
Material: Vinylester resin, Polyester, Epoxy, Phenolic, etc.
Reinforced fiberglass "E" glass roving
Technology: Pultruded process
Specification: customized accept
Color: customized accept
Usage: chemical industry, power engineering, water & waste water treatment, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, etc.
FRP plutruded profiles
FRP Pultrusion Process
The process starts with the support of the reinforcements, it is fiberglass roving and mat. The material is pulled into the infeed area where it is accurately formed to the required shape and impregnated with a resin matrix. The resin matrix can be polyester, vinylester, epoxy or phenolic. From the infeed area the impregnated reinforcement is pulled into the heated pultruded die. The resin matrix is such that it solidifies and cures within the die. The cured profile exiting the die is allowed to cool before being clamped and pulled by the reciprocating puller units. The puller units reciprocate in a hand over hand motion, with the return stroke being faster than the pulling stroke to give a smooth continuous pull at a constant speed irrespective of the pulling force required. From the puller units the profile passes into the flying cut off saw where it is cut to the required length.
FRP pultruded profiles
We produce large volumes of FRP pultruded profiles to suit a vast range of applications – Ladders and Walkways, Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Railways, and Building Industries, chemical industries, telecommunications, water and waste water treatment, DIY tools, etc.

FRP pultruded profiles cover:

FRP pultruded rods,
FRP pultruded tube,
FRP pultruded channel section,
FRP pultruded box section,
FRP pultruded angle section,
FRP pultruded H section,
FRP pultruded flat bar,
FRP pultruded rods exceed the performance of steel, boasting beneficial characteristics, such as: high levels of strength, corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, durability, weather resistance, low maintenance, long service life, light weight, good flexibility, beautiful appearance, etc.
FRP pultruded profiles applications
FRP pultruded profiles
FRP pulpruted profiles
FRP purlin specification (roof trusses)
length width height wall thickness
mm mm mm mm
6000 110 50 5
6000 160 60 5
6000 220 60 5
Accept customized order, whatever material, dimension and color.
FRP pulpruted profiles
FRP rod specification
Diameter Unit weight Diameter Unit weight
mm g/m mm g/m
3 14 17 433
4 24 18 485
5 38 19 540
6 54 20 599
7 74 21 660
8 96 22 724
9 122 23 792
10 150 24 862
11 181 25 935
12 216 26 1011
13 253 27 1091
14 294 28 1173
15 337 29 1258
16 383 30 1346
FRP pulpruted profiles
FRP tube specification
Diameter Unit weight Diameter Unit weight
mm g/m mm g/m
4x2 19 5x2 33
6x2 50 6.5x3 52
7x3 63 7.5x4 63
8x4 75 8.5x4 88
9x5 87 11x7 113
10x6 100 15x10.5 180
12x8 126 18x13 243
14x10 151 20x15 275
16x12 178 24x18 396
19x15 237 28x24 327
22x16 358 32x27 463
25x20 353 38x30 854
30x25 432 50.8x40 1552
35x30 510 100x90 2983
Round rods : sign posts, vegetable canopy, curtain rods, supporting ribs...
Round tube: camera tripod, robot arm, sewage treatment systems, oil and gas pipe...
Square pipe: beams and brackets for structural engineering, chemical engineering...
FRP pultruded profiles
FRP pultruded profiles
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